What's on the menu today?

LAY HO MA (how's it going in Cantonese)!  If you're new here, welcome!  It's extraordinary to be cooking together! Be sure to pick up your FREE e-book below that was put together just for you with 5 super easy plant based recipes that are both impressive and not intimidating to help you get started cooking today!  Being a commercial photographer, there is of course a picture for every recipe!

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I received your cook book today and was so excited to flip thru the pages and decide on which recipe to start with 😄😄 the photographies are top notch and the book in total is top quality. Can't wait to try out everything. 😊

~Ebru B

Hi Wil, my best friend had the best birthday present for me! Your cooking book. I'm so happy about this present. I cook every week with you and now I have this fantastic book with this beautiful pictures. 🤗 Greetings from cologne

~Heike R

Taking the class next week. Looking forward to it. I really appreciate the way you state things plainly and demo exactly what you’ve stated for the right amount of time. Well done!

~Jim A

I just got here. As a twenty year vegan, I’m pretty jaded about you tube vegan channels... you, sir, have blown me away. I’m a fan. I literally can’t decide which video to watch next. Thanks for all the incredible content!!! 🙏🏼

~Lady V

Your skills go beyond that of being an amazing chef. You have an amazing spirit that brings out the best in not only food but people as well.

~Caron S

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